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People with kidney diseases go through a wide range of healthcare. These four films highlight their experiences from early stage kidney disease through to having dialysis and having a kidney transplant. The films also explain the different treatment options that are available.The final film outlines the support available and emphasises the importance of taking control of your condition.

Patient journeys through kidney healthcare

Your kidney condition

Living with early stage kidney disease

In this film we learn about early stage chronic kidney disease or CKD. A patient tells us how making changes to his lifestyle has enabled him to delay the progression of his CKD.

Having dialysis

This film explains how dialysis works. It features patients talking about different types of dialysis and how they fit the treatment into their lives.

Having a kidney transplant

A transplant surgeon talks about the different types of kidney transplants. Patients tell us about their experiences and explain how having a transplant has benefited them.

Supporting you to manage your kidney condition

In this film we discuss the importance of taking control of your kidney condition. We also outline the support that is available from the health professionals and expert patients.

These videos are meant for information purposes only and do not replace the detailed discussions you have with your consultant and other healthcare professionals.