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Treatment Options

For most people with mild CKD (stages 1-3) treatment will consist of adopting a healthy lifestyle and taking some medications to control their blood pressure and prevent their kidneys from getting worse.

If your CKD progresses to stage 4-5 you will need to start thinking about the treatment options available for kidney failure.

Read our guide to living with early stage chronic kidney disease (PDF 4Mb)

Choosing the treatment option that's right for you

Your options, CKD stages 4-5


Kidney health care specialists can explain your options in detail.

Many people have chronic kidney disease (CKD) but only the minority will go on to develop kidney failure which is also referred to as CKD stage 5.

If you have CKD stage 5 there are several treatment options available to you. The treatments can be divided into three main categories

  • Having a kidney transplant

This may be from a live donor or from a deceased donor.

  • Dialysis

This may be done at home or in a dialysis unit. You can choose to learn to do as little or as much of your own treatment as you wish.

These two treatments take over the work that healthy kidneys do.

  • Conservative Management

This is treatment without having dialysis or a transplant. It is sometimes called Supportive Care. Some people choose this option if it is felt that dialysis may not improve their quality of life or their survival.

It is important to discuss these options with your loved ones as well as talking to the health care professionals about the treatments in more detail.

Sometimes a treatment may not be possible, or may not be recommended for you, for medical reasons. Work and leisure preferences will also affect your choice.

You may also wish to discuss the options with other kidney patients who have had personal experience of a specific treatment. Your kidney healthcare team should be able to arrange this for you.