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News from the Kidney Services at Guy's and King's

World Kidney Day – Thursday 12 March 2015

World Kidney Day is a global awareness and education event held each year on the second Thursday in March. This year the theme is kidney health for all.

There are several easy ways to reduce the risk of developing chronic kidney disease and small changes can result in enormous health benefits:

  • monitor your blood pressure - high blood pressure accelerates kidney damage
  • keep fit and active - this helps to reduce your blood pressure
  • don't smoke - smoking can slow the blood flow to the kidneys
  • eat healthily and keep your weight in check - this can help prevent diabetes and heart disease, both of which are associated with kidney damage
  • get your kidney function checked - especially if anyone in the family has kidney disease, diabetes or high blood pressure or if you are of South Asian or African-Caribbean ethnic background
  • keep well hydrated - this helps the kidneys to clear toxins from the body.

A few facts about kidney disease:

  • it's more common in older people
  • it's more common in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities
  • every year over 55,000 people are being treated for kidney failure in the UK
  • every day one person dies while waiting for a kidney transplant in the UK.

Help raise awareness of kidney health on World Kidney Day, Thursday 12 March 2015.