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News from the Kidney Services at Guy's and King's

New Online Network for Young Kidney Patients

Young kidney PatientsA new group has been set up in London and the South East to help young adults with kidney disease access peer support.

K2K is a new network designed to help the 400 young adults in the local area who are aged between 15 and 25 and are having dialysis, attending kidney clinics, or have a transplant. It has been set up on Facebook as a closed group and offers a place for young adult patients to talk directly with one another and to access practical advice and emotional support.

The network has been established as part of NHS Kidney Care's Supporting Young Adults with Kidney Disease project , in which five project groups have been commissioned to develop innovative solutions to help young adult kidney patients.

Beverley Matthews, Director of NHS Kidney Care, says, "This network provides a platform for young adult patients to access peer support, which is a very effective form of self care. Some kidney patients find it difficult to engage with healthcare professionals and would prefer instead to talk to others in the same boat who have a greater understanding of what it feels like to have kidney disease. Offering peer support can encourgae these patients to become more active in their care, as it gives them the opportunity to discuss issues and problems and share their experiences with other patients".

For more information on K2K, please conatct Clare Nottage or Katie Bareford, the young people's kidney care co-ordinators at Guy's Hospital: