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Having Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) should not stop you leading a full and active life.

However you may need to make some changes because of your treatment. Support from other people may help. These may include health and social care professionals, family, friends and other people with CKD.

Getting the most out of your life

Social life

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Many people fit dialysis in with their jobs.

Can I carry on working?
Yes, your healthcare team will normally encourage you to carry on working, if possible. This may be more difficult for some people than others, depending on the type of job you do and how you feel.


When deciding which treatment option to choose it is important to consider how dialysis will fit in with your job. Talk to your employer and your healthcare team about the options.

You might be able to get specialist support and employment advice. In the United Kingdom this is provided by Disability Employment Advisers (DEAs). They can support you if you are in work or looking for work. You can also ask to talk to a social worker who can advise you.

Can I carry on studying?
You should be able to carry on with your studies. However, you might want to change to a part-time or open or distance learning course. Talk to your tutor about your options.

Can I go on holiday?
You can still go on holiday. However, before making any holiday plans talk to your kidney doctor or nurse to ensure you are fit enough to travel. There might be a limit on the amount of time you can go away once you start dialysis. There are also some countries where you will have to pay for the dialysis treatment yourself and some countries where dialysis is not readily available. Always discuss holiday dialysis or travel plans with your kidney healthcare team.

For more information about holiday dialysis in the UK visit: www.dialysisfreedom.co.uk

For more information about holiday dialysis around the world visit: www.globaldialysis.com

If you are waiting for a transplant and plan to holiday abroad you should let the kidney healthcare team know.