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Welcome to MyKidney

This website is all about kidney disease and how people live with it.

It offers insight and practical advice about chronic kidney disease (CKD) and its treatment options. It provides a range of information resources to help you know more about your kidneys.

MyKidney has been created by kidney specialists and patients working together to give you clear, accurate information.

Your kidneys


The A-Z of kidneys and medicines for kidney patients. Everything you ever needed to know - all at one handy reference point.

Martin Drage, transplant surgeon, and Rachel Hilton, kidney specialist
UK's first HIV kidney transplants take place at Guy's and St Thomas' Successful kidney transplants from an HIV-positive donor to two HIV-positive recipients
Man using haemodialysis machine

A beginners guide to how your kidneys function and the basics of disease, diagnosis and treatment.

Male patient with dialysis machine

Patients talk about their experiences of kidney disease and the treatment options they chose.

Group photograph of members of the healthcare team

The kidney healthcare professionals you may come into contact with as a patient.

Nick's story

Nick writes about his personal journey through kidney disease and treatment.